BeccaBoo means: BeccaBoos are the most valuable thing anyone could have. Grab her tightly and hold on. BeccaBoo can be a great friend. A BeccaBoo is always there for you, no matter what. Her strange sense of humor can be infectious. She can laugh at anything, and she always smiles. Her curly, blonde hair is a bit wavy and her left eye drifts slightly to the side when she gets tired. A little slow, like she looks at you when you speak so it’s easier for her brain to understand what you are saying. BeccaBoo doesn’t have a mom. Do not be discouraged, her optimism makes it easy for her to realize that her mother saves money while her momfuckers spend theirs. Because A BeccaBoo cares deeply about others, she has many friends. You will care more about her than you know. It’s possible to go for 101 days without speaking with her. When you do speak, it feels like you are right back where you were. Don’t be fooled by her friendliness. If she is feeling disrespected, a BeccaBoo can tell you what it’s like to be a BeccaBoo. BeccaBoos are a rare find. They make you feel special and never regret it. BeccaBoo is a friend for life and a sister who’s amazing. BeccaBoos are able to take any pain away with their hugging. Their amazing listeners are always there to offer support and a listening ear. A BeccaBoo will be your best friend forever. MarieBears will always love a BeccaBoo and they’ll be there for her. (in Community Dictionary, added by Quintin Greene)

What else does BeccaBoo mean?

  • The beautiful Beccaboo, a California native creature that has been seen in Illinois is known to be quite common. Beccaboos are usually hairless, but have hair on their heads. They are sometimes mistaken for beautiful women. Beccaboos make wonderful house pets once they are tamed. However, wild Beccaboos can be dangerous so anyone who hasn’t received the appropriate training should avoid handling them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fermín Romero)