Bean Bunging means: To insert the testicles of a man into his partner’s vagina or anus. TECHNIQUE Apply lubricant on the penis, testicles and, if needed, the entry points. The penis should be slowly inserted, stopping about 2 inches from the point for full insertion. Take the lubricated testicles and one hand and squeeze them upwards against the shaft. Next, with a gentle shunt push the penis in with your testicles. To keep the penis in its place, use your weight or a gentle but firm pressure. You can displace your testicles with normal penetration strokes. Simply grind the inside of your partner. It is important to be careful when you remove the testicles of even the most meticulously prepped anus. The penis can sometimes become constrictive around the base and vas deferens. This happens after prolonged periods with no penetrative movement keeping the sphincter free. Use a generously lubricated hand to gently press down on the area. Slowly and slowly pull back from your hips. Your partner can push slightly from the inside. However, they should be careful not to accidentally defecate. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dacio Soler)