BDJ means: Bad Dad Joke is the noun. A dad joke or pun that’s unsavory. (in Community Dictionary, added by Darion Chavez)

What else does BDJ mean?

  • A person who has no interest in real life but is unable to concentrate on his studies and spends hours playing World of Warcraft, begging for attention from anyone he will ever meet. A BDJ will often be fat and disgusting. He is also completely unworthy in all aspects of his life. The only thing that a BDJ can claim fame for is any kind of achievement in World of Warcraft. This would not be something his parents care about. (in Community Dictionary, added by Danielle Cuevas)
  • The BDJ (big and dumb) is someone who copies homework from other people. The BDJ may pretend that he/she is just checking their answers, but more questioning will show they aren’t finished yet. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fátima Montoro)