Bayan means: A meme, joke or other media type that is trending and then posted again. Usually for good karma. Bayan humors can be found so often on the internet, that it is no longer funny. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brogan Flowers)

What else does Bayan mean?

  • She is sweet, nice, pretty, cool, and all the things she aspires to be. This is my google lmk so I apologize if you think it’s fake. My friend from Arizona gave me this name. -Lalya Azker You are welcome. (in Community Dictionary, added by Darryl Stein)
  • People who are short usually have a height of less than 4 feet. They will not grow to be taller. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dean Moses)
  • Bayan, literally the cutest human being in the world is also the name of the person who has the best vocabulary. Because we cannot comprehend the amazingness of this person, Bayans are given this name. Bayan is a perfect person in all aspects. Bayan is the one person that everyone desires but does not deserve. You can choose from many options in this world, but a Bayan is out of your reach. You don’t chose a Bayan, a Bayan choses you. Bayans are fast to get on their path so don’t try and push your luck if you meet one. Bayan’s only desire is to be the best, and they don’t care about other people who are not bayan-leveled. To reach Bayan Level, you will need to undergo a few reincarnations. This is just enough to achieve a small amount of perfection. Bayan level is a bit different. You can’t reach the same perfection as the original Bayan, only a small portion. When they choose you to be their partner, this is the time. Bayan will choose you and you should get married immediately. Bayan will take you off the path that you believed was right for you. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dominique Bishop)
  • She is a real hottie. She is so adorable. I love her so much. She is beautiful and all a man could want. lol. What a sweet, hugable and loving gal. Any guy could be proud to have her as their girlfriend. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rebeca Montoro)
  • You are a sweetie and a cutie. (in Community Dictionary, added by FronnacParrel)
  • It is adorable. She is a PIMPETTE but so cool. She deserves the most wonderful man you will ever meet. All the men try to make her great, but she’s just the goddess and queen of all things. (in Community Dictionary, added by Estrella Odonnell)