Bavi means: She is a smart, well-rounded girl who has many friends. Although she can be a bit odd at times, she is generally a kind person. (in Community Dictionary, added by Myah Lee)

What else does Bavi mean?

  • She is a smart, kind girl who has many friends. She is kind and caring, but she can also be rude or weird. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ascensión Díaz)
  • A sexy and masculine man who is able to make anyone dance. He also has the best DJ skills. He is a very funny guy and makes people laugh. Once You will be his friend once you have met him. away. He’s super adorable and so beautiful. Bavi is a very cute and charming guy. Although he is timid initially, his sincere and generous nature shines through. You can trust him with all secrets and he will pull it off. Even when it is difficult, he perseveres. His Anyone can feel at ease if they are understanding and supportive. He is not judgmental, but he will never judge. Instead, be open to listening with an open heart. He is perfection in his own way. He’s the embodiment of true men. (in Community Dictionary, added by Madelyn Pittman)