bass face means: This is the result of exposure to large amounts bass. (in Community Dictionary, added by Marlie Hebert)

What else does bass face mean?

  • Bass Face is a musical version of the poker facial in which the bass player for a band displays an expression that lacks any discernible emotion. This gives them an anonymous and distant look. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lorenzo Nixon)
  • When playing an especially groovy tune, one may engage in facial acrobatics. This can include facial scrunching and mouthing as well silent screaming. (in Community Dictionary, added by Darryl Davenport)
  • While playing solid bass, the face was pulled. It is often said that it resembles a monkey’s face trying to kiss someone. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kristopher Rubio)
  • A DJ’s face or the music listener’s when a beat is dropped. (in Community Dictionary, added by Katie Lutz)
  • Two definitions of bass face exist; 1. A musical version of the poker face where the bass player in a band doesn’t show any emotion. This gives them an unremarkable, distant look. 2 The name “bass face” is given by DJs and audiophiles to identify the person who is able to play a particular beat or have a particularly gritty bassline. The term can be used to describe electronic music. (in Community Dictionary, added by Matthew Roberts)
  • A facial contortion performed by a bass player that involves mouth turning to the groove, dropping the chin low, eyebrow furrowing and an apparent blank stare. It is also common to see Egyptian-style head movements. (in Community Dictionary, added by Wilfredo Pérez)