bangorrhea means: The well-known case of liquid farts that visitors to Bangor, Maine get from being too busy and consuming the fast food and convenience of urban life. Sometimes, one can go Bangor-stipation the opposite way if they get “bound up” from eating too many triple-cheeseburgers and extra cheese. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mason Berger)

What else does bangorrhea mean?

  • This is the act of experiencing severe diarrhea while having sex. It usually happens after eating poor Mexican food, leaving behind a spicy feeling for each partner. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kolten Kemp)
  • 1. Using exclamation marks in vain, and not trying to make your writing more interesting. You are trying to add more bang in your prose but it is actually looking like you have exclamation points diarrhea. 2. Obsessive talking about or “banging” sex. A condition that affects the oral function of people who don’t have sex. (in Community Dictionary, added by Terrance Hart)