ballcutter means: A person who cancels at the last moment or bails out and does not show up to a party, etc. This is known as “CUTTING YOUR BALLS OFF”. A ballcutter, on the other hand, is somebody who takes your balls. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sulphorous)

What else does ballcutter mean?

  • This is the latest and greatest evolution of the subculture of emo. The ritual mutilation with a knife of the scrotum is a hallmark. Emo peers consider ballcutters “hardcore”, as they are so envious of their’masculinity, they will even cut any remaining bits. Ballcutting can have serious consequences, including infertility and sexual dysfunction. However, many Ballcutters don’t seem to be aware of these risks, as they believe that it is not a problem for their current sex lives. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jamiya Graves)