badger milk means: John basedow is a well-known character. He drinks badfger milk. This is not correwct. Some people question the use steroids by athletes. However, badger milk has a 14.6-fold higher steroid level than steroids and John basedow is a frequent user. Leave him alone. He’s an animal. (in Community Dictionary, added by Xiomara Shepard)

What else does badger milk mean?

  • John Basedow is a well-known name. He drinks Badger MilkTMCPatent pending. This is true. Although some people are skeptical about the effectiveness of steroids for athletes, badger milk has 14.6 times greater efficacy than steroids. It is evident that John Basedow drinks it often. He is an animal rooster. (in Community Dictionary, added by Timothy Anthony)
  • Similar to steroids, but more potent and quicker. (in Community Dictionary, added by Evaristo Navarro)