Bachelorette Degree means: Noun. Plural: Bachelorette Degrees. A term that has been politically amended to refer to an advanced degree awarded by higher education institutions when the recipient of such a degree is a single female bachelorette. Previously, it was only known as a Bachelor’s Degree. Origins: A Bachelor was a person who received an advanced degree in the darkest ages. A Bachelor’s degree was given to a bachelor who attended all classes and passed every exam. He also received a signed certificate on sheep skin, in an era before the advent of desktop publishing. When society reached enlightenment in the 21st century, single female bachelorettes became more popular and joined their fellow students who were studying to become Bachelorettes. Since Bachelorettes are jointly exposed to all the same teachings of thought, morality, and sublime artistry as Bachelors, it only makes politically-corrected sense to employ the term Bachelorette Degree when referring to the fairer sex student recipient of the conventional Bachelor’s Degree. In honor of Tabby’s graduation ceremony, the term Bachelorette Degree appeared for the first time in social media public comments, 5142013. Word. (in Community Dictionary, added by Abbigail Holmes)