baba ga douche means: It is a term used to denigrate the stereotypical “raghead”, which in turn is a stereotypical, derogatory term. This term is the result of the combination “Baba Ganoush”, and Douche Bag. Baba Ganoush, a dip that is made with eggplant, is extremely popular in India. This is an updated, Middle Eastern-oriented version of “Kraut”, or “Limey”, but it has the extremely useful and cool “douche” at the end. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mason Berger)

What else does baba ga douche mean?

  • A derogatory term that is often used to refer to middle-easters and arabs. American citizens use it, evidently because they are ignorantly searching for the right word to describe the area. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cole Bush)