Ayanie means: Ayanie, a sweet, caring, kind, and outgoing person, is very loving. Their smiles are stunning and they always do. Haleys don’t take anything from anybody. Haleys are outspoken and stand for what they believe. Haley rarely meets strangers. A Haley is by far one of the most pleasant people to have a conversation with. Haleys are very kind. Aslo is the most understanding of all people. These people have big hearts. Not just for humans, but also animals. They are the most beautiful people. A Haley is the perfect friend for anyone looking to laugh or find good friends. Although they know many people, only a handful of people will be considered friends. Family and those they love are their most important priorities. A Haley is easy to fall in love. Haleys will often date men whose names start with D. It’s just a Haley thing. Men who date Haleys are usually known for being “bad boys”. However, a Haley’s caring, respectful, caring, loving and honest manner makes it easy to forget your past and make you want to be a better person. True Haleys will not be ignored, but she will forgive you almost all the time if she truly loves you. Haleys are prone to be irritable, but they have the ability to forgive and forget. Haleys can make you question your ability to handle stress. Don’t make them crazy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cullen Sullivan)