Aviles means: She is the only friend that you will ever need. You will find her fiercely loyal and she will do anything for you. She will cut tires and drink until your feet hurt and your tongue turns yellow. She will make you laugh till your tears are dry and she’ll probably have a good time at the Waffle House. You will probably get a rotisserie rotisserie bird for her birthday. But don’t be discouraged. You will be reminded to have a pedicure by her, who can do your hair as fast as you’ll ever see and can even bob your hair. You have everything if you have Bridget. Do not let Bridget go, but tell her just how valuable she is. (in Community Dictionary, added by Petronila Serrano)

What else does Aviles mean?

  • A term from an old country that refers to lying with fat pigs. A man from Puerto Rico who enjoys playing with donkey balls is called an AVILES. An AVLES, an American non-conforming, in, but not quite out of the closet homosexual, will do almost any favor for a cookie. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ryland Garrison)