Attack Attack means: A Columbus Ohio-based electronic queercore group. The band is comprised of Nick Barnham, the coke addict, Johnny Franck, the meth dealer and Andrew Whiting, the man who gave AIDS all to everybody, John Holgado, the critical Asian, Caleb Shomo, the huge douche and Andrew Wetzel, the man no one really cares about. The band was actually quite good until it became a giant coke addict and sold out their true fans. Attack Attack are well-known for taking equipment from other bands early on in their careers and were banned from many events and venues. Without their dedicated fans in Columbus Ohio, Attack Attack would not be where it is today. Austin Carlile, a former member of the band, was expelled from the group because other band members failed to be true Christians and were unable to forgive others for their sins. Attack Attack, a pose scene group, is known for creating millions of fat 13-year old girls in pants showing off their fat and being pigsluts. Their “Christian” followers have been betrayed by them. Attack Attack is not for everyone. They aren’t even from Ohio. (in Community Dictionary, added by Arnav Taylor)