Associates means: You’d be a lowkey fucking person, but you lie to your friends that you are fucking. None at all. (in Community Dictionary, added by Adelaida Blanco)

What else does Associates mean?

  • In 1999, two founding members of the HFPC Ches and Fin, along with Pricey and the Beserker, formed the HFPC Ches and Fin. It was determined that word of carnage must be shared among the North’s uninformed masses. Following Gillingham FC to such salubrious locations in England such as Preston,Blackpool,Nottingham,Stoke, Millwall etc, the Associates breathed new life into the decaying art of Football Hooliganism, excessive drinking, violence, vandalism and bugle practice. Some of the Associates’ most memorable moments included Pricey being detained for mooning the police and Beserker getting a full bag. Fin was armed with two pool cues, bottles and coins in the centre. Ches also destroyed the telephone box and then laid out the men queuing up at McDonalds at late night. Halcyon days. God Bless Us All (in Community Dictionary, added by Nicomedes García)