assassins means: You will be called an amateur if you allow stems to infiltrate your freshly rolled blunts and joints. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ben Ford)

What else does assassins mean?

  • Also see assassin. A game that is mostly played on North American college campuses. The game is typically run by students who live in the same dorm, or group of dorms. It can last anywhere from several days up to several weeks. The game ends when one of the participants is “alive” or on a set date. Winners are those who remain alive at the conclusion. There are many ways to kill someone, depending on what rules were established at the initial meeting. A kill can be represented by a bop, empty soda bottles, a spray from a gun or even a hug. Each participant gets a specific person to “assassinate”. Most often, a list of the still-living participants is posted in a lobby at RA’s doors or in dorm rooms. There are no safe bases for Assassins or restrictions on the time of day that prevent them from killing. Participants can easily be made to believe they’re being manipulated or forced into “deadly” situations at any hour or location, including a class in English or a trip to the bathroom. Although it can be paranoid, it is generally considered a fun way to spice up your dorm life and meet new people. (in Community Dictionary, added by Roque García)