Asia means: AsIA, a beautiful girl, is there to support her friends in every way possible. When you are down, she will be there for you. It is hard to forget about her ex, but she will find ways to lift herself up. Although she is a good forgiver, her heart can be fragile. Asia is a great friend. She will always be there for you. You can also count on her for being a good comebacker. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ally Barrett)

What else does Asia mean?

  • Asia is an incredibly kind and generous person. If you have the chance to meet her, you’ll be very happy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ryker Shelton)
  • Asia can make friends with anyone. She is, on the outside, the most happy person in the entire world. She will have her moments, but she’ll soon be smiling big. Asia may not be as happy as she thinks. She just needs to find a way to distract herself from the pain. Asia would like more people to understand her but she knows that this wish is a dream. Asia feels depressed within. Asia is low in self-esteem, and she often feels low about herself. Although many people believe they are able to help Asia, in fact they don’t. Asia may be beautiful to others, but she often believes that she’s not. Asia is a loner and isolates herself from others. She laughs at people who make her feel uncomfortable or nervous. Although she is a fighter, and wants to be in trouble often, no one has seen her worst sides. She is always up for a joke and a fighter. (in Community Dictionary, added by Onanism)
  • Asia’s eyes are so beautiful, it is almost like she has angelic eyes. Asia is loving, caring and very attractive. She is beautiful, has a great body, and people envy her beauty. Asia is an open-minded person. Asia can be sweet and kind, but she is also a strong person. They won’t let you forget your feelings for her once they are established. Asia has her flaws, but she won’t let you get ahead of her. If she is that infatuated with you, it will be crazy. She is extremely intelligent and knows things you don’t know about yourself. And she’s able to get sexually involved in ways you won’t understand. (in Community Dictionary, added by Isaac Ruiz)
  • Asia is one of the smartest and most beautiful girls alive. Many of her friends are inspired by her and try to imitate it. She is always looking at the larger picture of life. Asia is creative and imaginative with a strong imagination. Asia is a “Goddess”, because of her perfect body and powerful looks. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kaylyn Castaneda)
  • Asia is gorgeous inside and outside. She wished there were one person who could understand her. She is a very happy, blunt person on the outside but inside she’s miserable. Asia has the greatest imagination and finds the humor in every situation. Asia is my goddess. I wish more people could understand what she means to me. Asia wants freedom. (in Community Dictionary, added by Remora)