Asap rocky means: Do something at warp speed. (in Community Dictionary, added by Donavan Fletcher)

What else does Asap rocky mean?

  • I love him because he’s a beautiful mf and he can dress well. (in Community Dictionary, added by Morphew)
  • Harlem’s rapper is only okay. He isn’t great, but it doesn’t mean he’s terrible. Although he has room to improve, his lyrics are better than those of most mainstream rappers. ASAP Rocky’s beats and lyrics are what makes him stand out from the rest. ASAP Rocky prefers to produce experimental music than the standard-issue of rapping over clubtrap beats. This is evident in his first mixtape, which featured everything from slick southern beats and abstract psychedelic sounds to evoke the effects of drugs. His beats sound good, something that is very rare today in hip-hop. He also has more complicated lyrics than the average rapper. Although he’s not as talented as Jay-Z or Nas, he shows his lyrical ability through multiple flows, internal rhymes, and multi-syllabic poetry. He still holds back on one thing that is very important to him: his subject matter. You’ll find very general subject matter if you take away his abstract beats, lyricism and lyrics. He raps repetitively about drug abuse, violence, sex and guns. Rocky would need to get real if he wanted to become real. Rocky most likely does not have as much as he says and doesn’t spend as many nights with the same woman every night. (in Community Dictionary, added by Daniel Gallardo)
  • New York’s rising rap artist with southern roots. He just recently released the mixtape “liveloveasap”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Borja Jiménez)
  • Born in 1987, Harlem-based rapper. A member of ASAP Always Strive, and Prosper Crew. After releasing DEEP PURPLE mixtape in 2010, he gained recognition and was a big hit after “Peso”, and “Purple Swag” were leaked during summer 2011. According to reports, Rocky has been signed by Sony Records and will open for Drake during his Club Paradise Tour in fall 2011. (in Community Dictionary, added by Terrance Francis)