Arteest means: A person whose only talent in art is good oral sex. (in Community Dictionary, added by Simeón Pastor)

What else does Arteest mean?

  • An artist who believes they are an artist, but isn’t. These people often accuse others of taking their art, and then they surf the web daily looking for evidence. Although copyright violations are their number one priority, many others have been found to be violators. (in Community Dictionary, added by Elisabeth Cervantes)
  • A person who is extremely artistic. Person who is so good at writing that they stir the soul. An lyrical being with great ability to write poetry and songs. An expert in prose, couplets, free verses, and spoken words. (in Community Dictionary, added by Victorio Cambil)
  • Artist who doesn’t take anyone or anything seriously and makes use of humor and parody to express their feelings. An artist who is not an artist. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fizz)