around the way girl means: A hoodrat, or a trampy girl. A girl who feels secure about her sexuality. This is most commonly from the hood. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nicholas Humphrey)

What else does around the way girl mean?

  • Girl who lives in an urban neighborhood and is open to being a part of a group that all the guys want, regardless of whether it’s for a serious relationship or just for fun. Girl who is independent, confident, smart, and street-smart. These girls are usually sassy and have fun. To look attractive, she doesn’t have to wear high heels or skirts. She could also rock a pair of sneakers or chuckz. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mariyah Huff)
  • This girl is comfortable with herself and her femininity. She wears sneakers that are as good as any chick wearing stilettos. This girl is confident and intelligent. This girl is proud of her heritage and has a sharp attitude. She runs with an independent crew of female friends, is a good doorknocker, and knows what it takes to make men smile. (in Community Dictionary, added by Hillbilly)