Armpit Choo Choo means: You must insert your cock into the armpit of another person and continue to push until ejaculation takes place. (in Community Dictionary, added by Solacetie506678)

What else does Armpit Choo Choo mean?

  • The receiver will move their arm upward and downward as if they were ringing the bell on a choo-choo train by placing a penis under their armpit. (in Community Dictionary, added by Hildegarda Carmona)
  • An armpit is used for sex. The male inserts his large, veiny cock in the female’s armpit. After the male has inserted his Trouser Trout in her pit, the female then makes an up-and-down motion similar to pulling on the train whistle, thus the Choo Choo. This creates additional pleasure for both the male and the female, leading to a high point that is even better than having sex on a small, weak sheep. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ricky Winters)