appliance car means: An appliance car, in general, is a vehicle that can be used to transport you between A and B quickly and cheaply. To put it another way, to do the job. They are often compared with appliances like microwaves and washing machines. Because they lack style and appearance, you will have trouble finding them on the lot. They are beige, even though they come in many colors. They are beige because they have nothing to envy and beige because everything at the grandparents’ house is beige. They are often driven by people who claim they want to “be green” and are saving the environment. But, the truth is that these drivers are essentially saying that it’s too expensive to fuel their cars and don’t care much about what’s interesting. These people are usually found in beige cars, driving below the speed limit along the right lanes of interstate highways next to semis and completely unaware of anything around them. You are two feet ahead of them, riding your ass and screaming in despair that they will merge. Instead, they are fools too, and you don’t realize it. They use the rearview mirror only while waiting for green to change, and then pop zits, and pick their noses. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sarai Guerrero)