Apolline means: Apolline is the stereotypical french girl who complains all the time. Apolline is the stereotype of the annoying french girl. She complains like a stfu, and thinks that her life must be a Wattpad situation or some other shit. She talks about her body when she can, even though people don’t care about her curvy physique. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ángeles Serrano)

What else does Apolline mean?

  • It is a term that describes a person who’s behavior or stupidity could be compared to a clown. This term is most commonly used in France. (in Community Dictionary, added by Chandler Medina)
  • Apolline is that girl who whines all the time. Although she is French, her appearance is very unattractive. She is afraid to make the cut. Because she is THE professional kewl child IN PERSON, it’s a great blessing. Although she complains that she has no boyfriends, she also rejects 5 people who have asked to date her. Chouquette is her favorite food. She is also quite annoying. ;. (in Community Dictionary, added by Martha Summers)
  • A beautiful woman who is smart and funny. They are also incredibly charming. These people are irresistible, beautiful, and very easy to fall for. Because she sings cool, everyone calls her “Apo” and that is exactly what they call her. (in Community Dictionary, added by Madilyn Knight)
  • An amazing person. She is one of the most intelligent girls you will ever meet and she will always cheer you up. She is a great hugger. Although socializing with strangers is not always her forte, it can be a challenge for her. Your first conversation with Apolline might feel awkward. But once you start to get to know her, you will find yourself falling in love with her. If you’re lucky enough to become her friend, you won’t be disappointed. Apolline is a great listener, and she will always be there for you if you ever need comfort or affection. Apolline can also be a great laugher if you’re just looking for humour. You may initially find her humor a little strange, but you will soon get to know it. Apolline has many other qualities. A few gingers and brunettes are also called Apolline. An Apolline can sometimes be lacking in self-confidence. This seems ridiculous when she’s around you. (in Community Dictionary, added by Veronica Bonilla)
  • Name is derived from Apollo the Greek, an ancient mythical moment in which he produced the longest known line of cocaine to any man or god. A common name for girls is “Cheeky Girl” because of their joy and happiness. (in Community Dictionary, added by Leslie Bartlett)