Apache Junction means: Quaint, little pioneer town nestled at the foot of the SuperstitionGoldfield mnts. Apache Junction =small community w mompop eateries, small businesses. Multi-gen skate park, ballfields, ParksRec. High school drama. Horse lovers. Old west reenactors. Bicyclists. Campers. Hikers. Nature lovers. There will be many new-age practitioners. A wonderful branch of Central Arizona College boasts stunning, state-of-the art architecture. CAC has a wide range of classes that are suitable for everyone, from GED seekers and recent graduates to people who just want to improve their skills in one or two subjects. Our community has access to a variety of two-year degree programs as well as an ala carte selection of courses that will help you learn throughout your life. This area is also surrounded by Superstition river riparian zones, National Forest, easy access to 4 lakes, a river and an arboretum. There are miles of hiking and biking trails. You can also enjoy sight-seeing. In cooler months, AJ works with bikers and retirees. It is not clear if anyone wants to live in this area with me. There are no more roads and people. It’s okay to stay for a while during winter. However, you should be ready to pay your bills, get treated well and return home so that the residents can enjoy the outdoors and water activities during summer. Remember to take your rubbish out. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cristina Serrano)

What else does Apache Junction mean?

  • Apache Junction, located in Arizona is about 40 miles away from Phoenix and Central Metropolitan Area. Apache Junction, also called AJ, is located far from civilized cities in Arizona. It is a long drive for many people who live in the metropolitan area. This is a great thing. Apache Junction has a population of 100 white trash inbred rednecks. Apache Junction’s population consists of 95 redneck white-trash inbreds and five drunk indians who purchase drugs from them. The valley is well-known for its reputation as a METH Haven. This city has more meth-houses than any other place in the state. Police are constantly chasing down any redneck who is making meth in his garage. The police are unable to monitor everything because the city is far from the center of the country. Apache Junction is known also for its prostitution and vile white trash whores. Because nobody is employed, people fuck and sell drug. There are many skank and stinky hookers looking for money to buy drugs. Their pimps usually include a large ugly hillbilly called Buddy or Buck. There are 50 schools with dropouts and there is no college. This city is home to very few normal people. Apache Junction is the worst, most filthy and dirty place in Arizona. It should also be used as a nuclear weapon testing ground. If you are visiting Arizona, DO NOT GO TO THE APACHE JUNCTION. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jamarcus Cordova)