antihero means: The Antihero can be ….good or evil. He will not mind killing if necessary, but he will fight to uphold what is right. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jovani Maxwell)

What else does antihero mean?

  • An antihero is a protagonist who lacks certain characteristics which would make him heroic. Quite simply, antiheros rock. They are often social outcasts who lack the desire to seek foolish things like ‘friendship and ‘trust. Although an antihero could be rude or have all the characteristics of a villain they still are considered to be good men. Antiheros don’t have to be stupid. They won’t help you if they get paid or are involved in a plot. They are better off than 99 percent of the people on the planet. However, antiheros have a lot more money than the rest. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ryder Chambers)
  • Character in dramatic or narrative works that lacks traditional hero qualities such as courage or idealism. (in AZ Dictionary)