anti-sexist means: You can be sexist or oppose sexism. While some people don’t want to discriminate others based on their birth, other Sexists believe that men and women are different. The biggest misconception about being anti-sexist is that most people take it to the extreme. It is believed that men are more superior than women, or vice versa. However, being anti-sexist means to be in the middle, believing both genders are equal. It is the belief that one gender is superior or better than another. This can also mean that one gender is allowed to enjoy certain luxury items while another does not. Anti-Sexism is the opposite of being sexist. There is a misconception that all sexism is the same. It can be discriminatory and, to some, it’s exactly like racism. Some people also consider anti-sexism or sexism a belief. Men And Women Can Be, And Be Affected By Sexism. If You Have Questions About Being Sexist Or Being Anti-Sexist, Please Contact Me At http:www.myspace.comschock13, or at I’M ANTI-SEXIST. (in Community Dictionary, added by Chana Carroll)

What else does anti-sexist mean?

  • 1. A person who opposes or is opposed to sexism. 2. The person could be either male or female. One man might be opposed to women working less, while a woman may be in favor of men being paid more for equal work. This person thinks that both sexes are equal but is aware that it’s not possible. The person opposes that. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eugene Andersen)