Anke means: Beautiful girl, creative and outgoing. You won’t be bored by her. She can be stupid and clumsy, but that’s okay. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ubaldo Santos)

What else does Anke mean?

  • Anke’s are well-known for having quirky and funky personalities. Ankes are often cheesy and introverts who are attracted to the arts. Ankes are good with those with names like Maddie, Jenn, Maddie and Katie. (in Community Dictionary, added by Elisabeth Cervantes)
  • 1. concise and straight to the point. No faffing about. 2. Verb to instantly understand something, especially the glaring flaws and contradictions. (in Community Dictionary, added by Roman Singleton)
  • A lovable girl. She is a natural leader. Beautiful. You can smile at someone who makes you happy with one glance. She is loved by all the boys. She cares deeply and always puts others first. She’s loyal, funny and kind. (in Community Dictionary, added by Coaming)