angry white woman means: Noun: A woman who is full of self-loathing and an upside down U on her face. She also has a gravelly voice that asks if she’s gonna eat it. Her thumbs are thought to have a lot of gravy. Abbreviated: AWW. (in Community Dictionary, added by Roque García)

What else does angry white woman mean?

  • Furthering the definition… The Angry White Woman should use the ‘upside-down U’ to indicate where her mouth should go. The ‘humongous thumbs’ are being tested by scientists-type men to confirm the existence of gravy. This assumption has been made by many. Angry White Woman’s fingers are all scary because of their mass. However, her thumb region is the most frightening. They are twice as long as they wide. Angry White Woman is often accompanied by odd hairstyles, which are sometimes extreme. An Angry White Woman doesn’t use beauty salons, but instead enlists the help of “friends” to fix her hair. An Angry white woman is frequently found eating and always has a bag containing chips and candy. Angry White Woman is also a regular visitor to the apartment, watching ‘Law and Order,’ as it takes many forms, even when she’s not playing Keno. The ultimate mooch is Angry White Woman, who doesn’t know the definition of the term ‘work. ‘. (in Community Dictionary, added by Harrison Howard)