Ange means: Ange, a charming sweetheart, lights up the space. Every time your eyes meet her, serotonin sparkles in your body. Ange is an icon. She’s all you could want and more. She is everyone’s ideal girl. You will find the most sweetest little girl, and every cell of her body is full of knowledge. Even if it’s not something she’s good at, she’s amazing at all things. As soon as she meets you, your heart will be ablaze. She is an incredible friend, and a wonderful girlfriend. It’s an amazing feeling of love when she bakes for your family. She is so charming and nerdy, it’s hard not to be amused. She is like music in your ears, a soothing lullaby. Every move she makes is perfect. Her charm and charisma make her an idol. She is infectiously funny and her smile is contagious. She makes you want to be with her every moment. You feel something new and different. It’s addicting. She’s perfect. (in Community Dictionary, added by Celso Ferrer)

What else does Ange mean?

  • Simply the best person I know. It is a blessing to have met her, and it’s a pleasure to see them on a daily basis. (in Community Dictionary, added by Carmen Jiménez)