Anari means: A wife meant for an Elijah. Her beauty, intelligence and smarts are unmatched. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alan Barr)

What else does Anari mean?

  • Kingdom located in north Magnamund, south-east of the Stornlands and bordering on Slovia, Dessi, and other countries. Anari, unlike other fantasy worlds, is a republic with a at most nominally democratic political system. Although it is run by an elected council that seems to be controlled by merchant families, Tahou is the capital. Under the city are the remains of an older version of Zaaryx. This was inhabited by Ghouls that eat flesh and mysterious Crocaryx reptilian Crocaryx. This is most prominently in Lone Wolf 9 – The Cauldron of Terror. In which Lone Wolf must find a way into the Cauldron that leads to the Ruins, where one of his Lorestones is, he has to do this. This can be done with or without support from the Council. Anari, having three armies from Vassagonia and two Darklands, is currently at war with each other. They are all converged on Tahou. Lone Wolf must defeat Zakhan Kmajah in order to win a temporary victory in Anari’s battle for the city before the allied forces arrive. Anari is attacked again by Darklords while he’s in the Dazhiarn Plane. (in Community Dictionary, added by Macromania)