Americans means: People who can laugh, cry and create. They have the same potential, as well as as many of their own soul and capabilities. They are able to have children, families, homes, worries and emotions. People who share many of the same characteristics as everyone else, but are often discriminated against simply because they’re from the United States. It is hard to be an American and is certainly not fun. People who believe they are nationists don’t realize that being patriotic is what gives hope and keeps them energized. (in Community Dictionary, added by Inés Montero)

What else does Americans mean?

  • They are all fat, shoddy pieces of crap that bother me. However they have good food but the fat fats devour it before I get it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rihanna Grant)
  • Any person originating on the two continents of North or South America. To be consistent with the previous posts, this will only apply to those who are citizens of the United States of America or have adopted citizenship there. The population limit for “Americans” is approximately 300 million. There may also be genetic elements originating in every country and region that make up the international community. Their individual characteristics are diverse considering the variety and size of their populations. Interviewing 300 million people would reveal that there is a wide range of abilities, from those with mental disabilities to highly intelligent, extremely knowledgeable, morbidly obese, to those who are among the most healthy. Any statement that attempts to stereotype or critique such a diverse group of people will only show the ignorance of its author. (in Community Dictionary, added by Natalia Ramírez)
  • Brits went to America to kill the Native Americans and they were not able to pay the tiny tea tax. The tea shortage drove them insane and they decided to be independent. They vow never again to drink tea. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rosa Acosta)
  • Americans are known for being friendly, outgoing, and sometimes a bit crazy. Americans are known for their large personality scale due to the diversity in culture and races of its people. You have lesbians and gays marching in gay pride, while gays face being attacked by other people for their sexual orientation. You have Black Pride’s “prides”, and the KKK extremists on one side. You have great college professors and the fat American kid who doesn’t know what the hell. Stereotypes: Americans are obese. American children are spoiled and wealthy. If you aren’t the best, you might be too. Americans are racist. These are often ignorant individuals between the ages of 10 and 25. Young, stupid, unsophisticated. They are generally nice and decent people. Only a tiny percentage of Americans are disrespectful and unreasonable. It was not written by an American. (in Community Dictionary, added by María Cambil)
  • Synonym: Yankees Americans are the most common name for people living in America. Other people call Americans fat and dumb. This is a common stereotype. Americans consider themselves to be free and wealthy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Xzavier Howard)
  • You don’t have to be an American to understand that I am not American. Canadians are often fat and ignorant, but many Americans are actually the opposite. Many Americans, probably most of them, are honest and hardworking individuals who try their best to support their families with the resources they have. Many people hate Bush and feel glad Obama has taken this position in the hope that it will lead to better and more peaceful living. They didn’t all want to go into Iraq. And even though Americans have a stereotype of being fat and stupid, there are many Americans who don’t. (in Community Dictionary, added by Anselmo Montero)