Amazing Amazing Amazing means: Amazing is a person who has beautiful skin and is caring and loving. She would do anything for someone she loves. Amazing shows that she is someone who puts effort, takes time and invests in others. She always smiles even in the worst of situations and has a positive outlook. You will always be surprised by her humor and she is always laughing. You’ll find them inspiring others, leaving love wherever they go, and being the most fun person you will ever meet. These qualities are not common in everyone, so it’s rare to find someone who truly is amazing. Although I have only known her for a brief time, she has given me new perspective on life and made me realize that happiness is just around the corner. Just seeing her smile every day will turn any frown upside-down. It’s an honor to get to know her. Her smile is infectious and warms our hearts. We are grateful to you, x. (in Community Dictionary, added by Payton Kramer)