Altoona means: This is a city in central Pennsylvania, once a great place to raise children, but now it’s infested by opiates and crack. It is a place full of hopeless people who resort to hard drugs in order to get away from the pain. Altoona, however, is truly the only place. Let’s not forget the lighter side. Beautiful mountains and lush landscapes are everywhere. Only 95 people in this country are dishonest. The people believe happiness is sinful and that successful people are nothing to complain about. Sheetz is a must-see when you visit. Sheetz is the only shining star of the area, making it possible for locals to become lazy throwaway garbage. Poor Altoona. Nearly everyone is either a drug addict, a snitch or in prison. It is surrounded by misery. People who believe they are above the misery are in fact pretentious downers suffering from schadenfreude. The concept of charity is a new one. It is often viewed as weakness. This place is completely backwards and fucked up. It’s best to keep driving, and drive away. It’s poisonous. (in Community Dictionary, added by Marc Rubio)

What else does Altoona mean?

  • One time, this was a well-run city. It looked remarkably like Pittsburgh during the golden age of industrialism. It is now a bastion for human filthy and moral deprivation. This unpleasant city is often for two years. College students who want to attend Penn State but fail in high school will be subject to it. Altoona is home to crack babies, crackheads, crack fiends and crack heads. Do not come to this place. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rhianna Hartman)
  • Small town located in Western Pennsylvania. Sometimes called “the Ghetto Baltimore” and “Mullettown in Arizona”. Rednecks, drunkies and druggies are all common in the town. There is also bad food, poor driving, illegal drugs, and a lot of snow. Nearly all the residents are white, with very few blacks or Asians. Sheetz is the birthplace of Sheetz gas stationconvenience store. Sheetz MTO Made To Order food is the best food in the world, and most Altoonians eat it. Altoona has more churches than Jerusalem. Altoona Area Schools District manages the local schools: AAJHS Altoona Area Junior School School and AAHS Altoona Area Senior High School. They are basically run as boot camps with security up to the walls. Altoona is known for its trains. The train station is Altoona’s primary source of income. Altoona is home to many hills. If you’re not fit or lazy, don’t attempt to climb these hills. In winter it can be very cold with temperatures in the 20s during the day. It has also been known that Altoona accumulates many feet of snow each year. However, the school district’s fatheads force students to go in regardless. The only options for teenagers of the younger generation are to go to Del Grosso’s or Galactic Ice and huntfishing, etc. The rates of drug, crime and obesity are on the rise. It is not a good idea to move to Altoona. Believe me. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lia Brady)
  • A city of Wisconsin outside Eau Claire. You can simply look at this definition with no translaton. Eg: Hunting, drink, 50+ 50… Eau Clarie seems to have a lot of people who’ve never heard about it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Contraband)
  • Pennsylvania town that many people call “quaint” and which is known by locals as the “hellhole”. You can take what is bad about a city such as Pittsburgh and make it look like Altoona. Altoona, which is not the city of Blair County in Pennsylvania, can be described as the town with the greatest drug problem per head and highest rate of depression. Johnstown wasn’t the most depressing place, but it was because people living in Altoona couldn’t get up to vote. Altoona, in fact, is the only location on Earth where you can shoot fifty shots into your car without causing any damage. (in Community Dictionary, added by Makenna Armstrong)
  • A small city in central Pennsylvania, located about 100 miles east of Pittsburgh. It is well-known for its high unemployment rate, addiction to alcohol, and drug use, as well as right-wing, closed-minded, mullet-heads and men and women who enjoy hunting and fishing. This town has more similarities with rural West Virginia than any other in Pennsylvania. The most irritating dialect of all is the combination of Baltimore-ese, Pittsburghese. 90% of the population are over 50. Most young people who were born there need to emigrate as soon as possible. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lia Larson)
  • A. Small town located in West Central Pennsylvania b. It was the birthplace of civilization. At that time it stopped growing and became completely primitive as its inhabitants used pain medications and drove pick-up trucks to Wal-Mart. (in Community Dictionary, added by Yarling)