alosexual means: This is basically aromatherapy with another name. (in Community Dictionary, added by Damián López)

What else does alosexual mean?

  • It is possible to be sexually free. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kevin Willis)
  • Alosexual is pronounced as AY-LOW-SEXUAL A person who does not feel attracted to one gender. Anything. Or anything. They do however, enjoy sexual pleasure unlike Asexuals. However, they prefer to be alone. They are all black. They are the color of solitude. People feel sorry for these people, but prefer to be alone. Alosexual Symbol: A black circle that has been split horizontally. Don’t confuse Asexual and Demisexual. The Alosexual is not attracted to any material or people. However, they do have sexual pleasures. They prefer to be alone. If they want to, an Alosexual can date either males or women. An Alosexual is not one who is interested only in dating one of the genders. Although they have no sexual attraction, asexuals do not have any physical attraction. However, they have mental attraction. This is very different to the Alosexual. Because demisexuals can be attracted to Alosexuals, but it takes them longer to find love. The best thing about Alosexuals is that they are not attracted and can find love anytime. (in Community Dictionary, added by Luis Liu)