Alec Volturi means: The books did not include any details about his relationship life. People like me began to wonder how everything turned out for him… and we arrived at a ridiculous answer: Renesmee Swan Cullen. Renesmee is the unimaginable child. She’s the daughter of Bella Swan and THE Edward Cullen. Team Reneslec was the one DOG:o3 loves, but sucks for. Jacob may be Paris or Edward in Twilight’s world. But, Jacob and Alec are Parisian characters. AND WE ARE TEAM PARIS. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alma Moran)

What else does Alec Volturi mean?

  • Alec Volturi, a fictional character in Stephenie Meyer’s The Twilight Saga is named. His first appearance was in New Moon. Jane is Jane’s twin brother. The Volturi’s most dangerous weapon was made up of two brothers, Jane and John. Alec is often described as the twin, but in reality he is not. Alec works quiet and is very private. He studies every enemy attack, analyzes when to unleash his attacks, and then he goes about his day. He is both the most apathetic and quietest of the guards. As the book says, he is kind of animated. He was also the one who teased Jane in New Moon. He smiled most of Chapter 21 Verdict, which I also noticed. Alec is very dark in hair and has a darker complexion than his sister. He also has fewer lips that his sister, but he still looks like a vampire. His beauty is unmatched and will amaze any girl. Alec is a vampire with speed and strength. However, his gift is very powerful. His gift, however, is quite the opposite. He can focus on only one person and inflicts pain, while his sister does the same. He has the unique ability to turn off all senses, and can do it to multiple people. The misty gray fog is his form of this power. Alec and Jane were described in the book as 13-year-olds. However, Dakota Fanning and Cameron Bright portray them in the film. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nicodemo Gómez)