Alaskan Chili Dog means: The Alaskan Chili Dog differs from the Texas Chili Dog in that it involves shitting in some container after taking many laxatives and freezing the shit for a few days. When she is ready to sleep, she places the frozen block on the top of the white girl and then lies down in the sunlight. This causes the block of salty shit to melt all over her face and crust into her skin. It won’t work for mexicans or black people. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rosa Acosta)

What else does Alaskan Chili Dog mean?

  • 1. Empty your bowels. 2 DO NOT FLUSH THE SHIT Put it in a baggie 3. Place the bag, along with all the contents in the freezer. 4. Once the shit is frozen, you can use it as a sextoy, particularly a dildo. (in Community Dictionary, added by Andres Yang)