agnostisexual means: Person who is driven by sexual pleasure and has the desire to satisfy that urge, but is completely confused or uncommitted to their sexual identity. An agnostisexual can be mistakenly called bisexual but is functionally asexual. The agnostisexual can experience sexual attraction, but not being repulsed. Many asexuals are unable to have sexual encounters due to conflict. The agnostisexual doesn’t know if they like both genders. They are open to possibilities. Agnostisexuality could be a result of an unintentional reaction to one’s true sexuality, such as the “gay man in denial” scenario. This could also happen because an individual is unable to recognize the true meaning of feelings or reactions that occur with others. The agnostisexual might also have problems with exploring their sexuality. This is a classic case of the transgendered person who struggles to define their sexual orientation. Their gender identity can be complex and ambiguous. An Agnostisexual may choose celibacy because of an internal conflict or may opt to move from one partner to the next in search for “the answer”. Sexual agnostics know that, like religious agnostics and others, they do not have the answer. Many consider agnostisexuality a transitional phase in between more stable options like a- or bi-, heterosexuality, and homosexuality. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kenneth Floyd)