Agness means: Agness is a remarkable person. She loves to shop, eat and spend 122. (in Community Dictionary, added by Bethany Dominguez)

What else does Agness mean?

  • An angelic girl. Her beauty is unmatched. She’s kind and caring. You will never meet a sweeter girl than her. Although she’s shy at first, once you know her well she becomes a wonderful person. She is incredibly funny, smart, and always available to help you in any situation. She is a true goddess and loves all people. Although she does possess a quirky side, it’s not a bad thing. If you are in need of help, she is available to you and will laugh at your problems. She can also make it easy for you smile. Because they aren’t worthy of her, she won’t work with fakes or people who don’t respect her. While she may occasionally get into drama, it doesn’t bother her. Everybody deserves someone like this, except those who choose to fake it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gerardo Caballero)