Affliction means: Extreme emotional pain. This feeling is so intense that it affects your overall well-being, whether psychologically or physically. A feeling that is usually triggered by a desire or fond memory of someone; when pain occurs, it becomes amplified. (in Community Dictionary, added by Crapkin)

What else does Affliction mean?

  • Terrence Nutkins, a physician by the same name as Terrence Nutkins, argued that Jealousy was a bodily manifestation of the feeling. His argument was that there was a tiny gland located in the top tethis of every individual that, when jealousy struck, would release a little Cheortyxon C. The small amount would cause the affected to become angry and irritable easily, sometimes leading to the victim posting bizarre things online and engaging in a lot of hokey pocus. Terrence’s work was published and the findings have not been confirmed or denied by any doctors. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kiersten Stark)
  • Douche bags in a group. ie. ie. They were named after their iconic shirts. To make them easily identifiable in crowds. Most douchebags wear white sunglasses, white bandanas (fake tans), fake hawks, faux hawks, and white bandanas. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cassandra Hall)
  • Graphic Tee-Shirts are a very expensive brand. This t-shirt is a status symbol for chads. There are far cheaper alternatives to graphic tees that will not only look great but also less likely to make others think you are a douchebag. If you are self-respectful, it is best to avoid Affliction. (in Community Dictionary, added by Francisco Beltran)
  • An expression of distress, pain or suffering. synonym : Trial . (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Cause of distress, pain or suffering: synonym : burden . (in AZ Dictionary)