Adam means: One kid that bets with everybody and owes everyone 5 dollars. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lindsay Woodward)

What else does Adam mean?

  • Bin laden Son of Osama (in Community Dictionary, added by Mariyah Rice)
  • He is one of my favorite people. He is funny, gifted, compassionate, emotionally charged, caring and just plain perfect. A person I love and can count on. (in Community Dictionary, added by Begoña Prieto)
  • Their facade may seem distant, dull, and boring at first, but underneath, you will find someone who is trustworthy and able to talk to you, listen to your concerns, and help you to reach a solution. One I am aware of has a beautiful smile, which would make anyone smile, good listening skills, emotive and deep eyes, and an innate sense of humor that is hard to miss. Many people will want to meet Adams, and learn why they are the way they are. (in Community Dictionary, added by Justino Santos)
  • One man sitting at his computer reading definitions of his name. I wonder if these definitions may have been written by someone who knows him. Although he’s honest and decent looking, he still questions why he’s single. He is a huge nerd, but he has the greatest compassion for those he loves and Girlfriends that he used to love. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaden Sweeney)