Accoutrements means: One word that strange people use to describe clothes or other parts of the body. (in Community Dictionary, added by Azaria Mccormick)

What else does Accoutrements mean?

  • It is very common in Jamaican dialect In fast-spoken speech, the initial ac can be dropped to reduce it to coutrements couchements COUNTABLE NOUN is usually plural All the accessories you bring with you on your travels or to take part in an activity are called “accoutrements”. Humorous, or traditional Commonwealth spelling for accouterments A piece of clothing, equipment or other material that is used in conjunction with an accessory. Synonyms: equipment, gear, trappings, accessory. (in Community Dictionary, added by Philomelian)
  • “Accoutrements”, a French term that means “getup” or “paraphernalia in Urban English, is an acronym for “accoutrements”. For the full definition, see “brooklyn516”. Attirail is the French equivalent to the Urban English term “accoutrements”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Flimflam)
  • Accessories are required to perform a specific activity. The definition varies depending on context. It could refer to one’s “works” razors, lighters or straws at a party, which can be used to make drugs. It could also refer to condoms or lube during sex. (in Community Dictionary, added by Allyson Ross)