AC-130 means: The robotic hand is a powerful, high-powered device that strikes your stomach so hard you don’t even feel it. The robotic hand then launches a huge drill into your anus, and it is irreversible. This method of torture is probably the most popular. (in Community Dictionary, added by Thomas Harding)

What else does AC-130 mean?

  • This is when two people use the public toilet in a nearby stall. They then sit down, poo, and pee in the stall and end up spending 30 minutes in there. Like the AC-130 from Call of Duty:MW2. (in Community Dictionary, added by Roberto Durham)
  • This was the first time that the main gunship of USAF saw combat in Vietnam. The AC-47 was replaced by it, as well as the AC-119. The AC-130 varieties that are used to make guns depend on their effectiveness. AC-130U : General Dynamics 25mm 0.984 In GAU-12U Equalizer 5-barreled gatling gunnon 1x 40mm 1.58 L60 Bofors gun 1x 105 mm 4.13 in M102 howitzer AC-130H: 2x M61 Vulcan cannons 20mm in diameter 1x 40mm 1.58 L60 Bofors gun 1x 105 mm 4.13 in M102 howitzer Actual Armament 1x 40mm 1.58 L60 Bofors gun 1x 105 mm 4.13 in M102 howitzer AC-130 Modern Warfare12 It is visible in Modern Warfare 1 at the level “Death From Above”. It is seen in modern warfare 2, in Special Operations ‘Overwatch’, and in multiplayer as killstreak. (in Community Dictionary, added by Polylith)
  • This is the type of plane used by Rangers in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Multiplayer: When you hear the Ranger say “Enemy AC130 above”, it is time to book the aircraft and flee for cover. (in Community Dictionary, added by Busybody)
  • The flying fortress that is death. AC-130 Gunship, a modified version the C-130 Cargo plane of the U.S. Air Force… The “C” stands for cargo. AC-130 Gunship has the “Attack Cargo” AC. A Mini gun (aka rail gun) is included for support close to friends or civilians. The 40mm gun can fire 40mm explosive rounds, while the “Attack Cargo” AC adds the “A”. High-tech systems such as thermal vision and heat vision are also available to the AC-130. This makes it impossible to escape certain death. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ryker Shelton)