Abid means: Arabic meaning: worshipper. A remarkable friend. A best friend. A friend with whom you are able to talk about everything. You are the kind of man who appreciates your guys while they last but realizes their true worth once they have passed. You are the kind of man who gets it. The guy who just gets it. You want to be with the kind of man you can have all your hopes and dreams fulfilled. You can have a relationship with this kind of man for many years, but when you don’t get to speak to them it makes you feel like you are missing something. You’re lucky to have an Abid in you life. (in Community Dictionary, added by Belen Beltran)

What else does Abid mean?

  • He is a class A guy who can do it all. He excels in all things, academics or sports, and is strong, tough, and great with girls. The leader of the blood in Compton is known as the Abid. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tommy Love)
  • Arabic meaning: worshipper. Abid has kind hearts and sweet personalities. Abids are selfless and sincere in their service to others. You can trust him to be loyal and always keep your side. They can be charming and handsome. Sometimes, their charm can extend to flirting with too many girls. Because they know their abilities and charm, it is possible for them to have an enormous ego. (in Community Dictionary, added by Acacio Medina)