Abbreviations means: Idk = It’s not clear. Idc = I dont care. Idr = It’s not clear. Idgaf means I don’t give a damn. Lol is a way to laugh out loud. Lmao means laughing my arse off. Lmfao = laughing, my fucking arse off Rofl is rolling on the floor laughing Roflmao means rolling on the floor and laughing my arse off. SMH = Shaking my Head My Off WTF = What the Fuck What the hell? Good game = Gg Gj = good job Good luck = Gl Hf = Have Fun Cya = see ya C = See B is bee Dick = D I = Ieye O = oh P is pea R = Are T=tea U = you Y is why 2. = 4. = 6 = Sexuality 8 = Eat M8 = mate. (in Community Dictionary, added by Piper Zamora)

What else does Abbreviations mean?

  • Idk = I don’t know Idc – I don’t care Idm – I don’t mind Idr = I can’t recall Idrma – I don’t mind at all Rly rlly — really Sme sm = same LOL -distracting laughter Lmao, laughing my arse off What the Fuck? What the hell? Lmfao: laughing my fucking a$ off Kys – Kill yourself Kms- Kill my-self Pls plz, please ye yea – yes yeah Also, consider a significant shoutout from someone else. Boyfriend girlfriend / Bfgf Smh- Shaking my head Cause coscuz cuz – Because Omg – oh my god Oml – oh my lord Picture – Pic Wyd wud: What are you doing? Wywd, wuwd: What you want to do U = you Text back Nr nrs – no replys Bro, brother Nm = Nothing Nvm – never mind Dm – Direct message is irrelevant To be truthful M8 – Mate Prob probs: probably Ly, I love you Lysm: I love you so very much Lysfm- I love you so much! Lyl, I love you so much! Ly2 – I love you too Gn = good-night Good-morning Gm Jk – just kidding Just wondering – Jw People. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ivy Ruiz)