abbreviation means: Abbreviated word. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rachael Russo)

What else does abbreviation mean?

  • An abbreviated form of a phrase or word. – There are many types of abbreviations There are four types of abbreviations. They include shortenings and contractions as well as initialisms and acronyms. 1. Shortenings are words that contain the initial letters of the complete form. They are often spelled with a last period when they can still be considered abbreviations. Continued, in = inch. The period is not used in cases where they are forming words by themselves. For example: hippo = horse, limousine = limousine. These shortenings can be informal but are not uncommon. These forms become standard forms. The full forms can then be regarded as formal and technical. Some abbreviations are used to simplify their spelling or pronunciation. For example: bicycle = bike2 Contractions refers to forms that have letters removed from the middle of the complete form. These forms always end with a period. A third type of contraction includes one with an apostrophe, which marks the absence of letters. Three Initialisms consist of initial letters and can be pronounced separately as CIA, C.I.A. NYC, pm, or p.m. U.S. The practice of periods varies, and current usage is more favorable to omitting them when an initialism is entirely capital letters. Four acronyms refer to initialisms which have been made into words or words that are similar. These acronyms are pronounced like words and not as a sequence of letters. The acronym is often the default term, and the full form can only be used for explanation purposes. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lyric Berry)
  • Shortening is the act of or result thereof. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • The abbreviated form of a word/phrase used chiefly to present the full form in writing, such as Mass. For Massachusetts Or USMC For United States Marine Corps. (in AZ Dictionary)