A Mojo Massage means: Mojo Massage refers to a massage technique which combines a regular massage with an Erotic and Sensual massage. Many people mistakenly believe the sensual and erotic massage are the same thing. These are two completely different things. The combination of both can create a Mojo massage that will tantalise every part of your body. MOJO Massage is a subtle blend of three massages that will take you from being stressed to complete relaxation by the end. She stated that the MOJO Massage was based on the use of oils and waxes. First, the MOJO massage uses Massage waxes for a deep and relaxing massage. Once your body has become more open to stimulation and relaxed, the relaxation massage switches to an oil-based body to massage. This increases blood pressure slightly and speeds up breathing. After the body has been fully awakened, the body-to-body massage can be transformed into slow lingam massage. After the massage, you will be treated to a hot shower that removes all oils. It takes approximately one hour to complete the MOJO Massage. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mollie Huber)