A BUSTLE IN YOUR HEDGEROW means: Windy disturbances in your “hedgerow” or “intimate female area”, or “a fanny fart.” ‘. (in Community Dictionary, added by Martín Gómez)

What else does A BUSTLE IN YOUR HEDGEROW mean?

  • The term hedgerow may also be used to refer to one’s pubic hair. Therefore, if you see a buzz in your hedgerow it could mean that you are sexually interested. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kaylyn Fisher)
  • The enigmatic Led Zep “Stairway to Heaven” line, “A bustle within your hedgerow”, has been a mystery for music lovers for many decades. The following should provide some insight and clarification to this complex conundrum. One hedgerow surrounds several estates in Britain. This is the definition of noise, also known as bustle, which refers to disturbances close at home. You are witness to something. This is just a spring cleaning for May Queen. The old ritual of spring cleaning, which is a domestic cleaning that removes the year’s troubles and makes room for the new year ahead, often involves disposing of unwanted, old things. A village chose the May Queen to symbolize the potential and hopes for the next year. Her symbol was beauty, spring, and new beginnings. As an example, let’s say that the lyrics refers to the need to get rid of outdated and inefficient systems to make way for progress. OR can be used to refer to menarche or the first period of a woman’s menstrual cycle. This signifies that a girl has reached adulthood. OR it could be that there is a flea in your bonnet. (in Community Dictionary, added by Subarrhation)