chad means: Sticky buildup between the arse and scrotum. When a person does not shower, or is hot and sweaty all of their build up will increase. Person 1: Yo Yotty. Take a sniff of it. Person 2: What is the matter with your hands? Person 1. I haven’t slept in days, and that’s the wicked chad under my fat ball bag. (in Community Dictionary, added by Albert Alonso)

What else does chad mean?

  • One slice of toe-cheese. (in Community Dictionary, added by Isla Cherry)
  • An almost cyst-like pimple that appears on the face. It is often located in an unsightly area such as between the eyes, cheeks, chin or cheek. (in Community Dictionary, added by Teófanes Díaz)
  • The butthole is a source of excrement. (in Community Dictionary, added by Harrison Howard)
  • Unworthy or a waste of time. (in Community Dictionary, added by Vomitory)
  • It is located between the anus sac and the scrotal sac in male anatomy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Chandler Peck)
  • 1. Residue from faecal matter, usually found between the arse cheeks and after insufficient wiping. It can also spread to the balls. Chad’s smell is stronger and more unpleasant as it ripens. This can be annoying for anyone living near them, but the person who has it will often not notice their wafting scent. If the chad is not taken care of, it will leave skid marks. 2. It is located between the anus sac and the scrotal sac in male anatomy. It is not clear which definition of the term came first. However, it seems likely that the term was split into both definitions by those who had chad on their Chad. i.e. One person told another about the offensive odor of his chad. Some people overheard the complaint and assumed chad meant the above definition, while others thought it meant the second. The way chad is used within a sentence determines the difference between them. Although the first sentence of this girl is unclear, it is clear that he is speaking about his itchy chad anatomy. Below, the last sentence of this guy uses both definitions for beautiful effect. Each definition spreads like wildfire and there is no one right or wrong. It can also be difficult to choose between the two definitions. Globally most people accept the English translation and definition of Chad. In many cases, lowercase is accepted. i.e. The term is also known as tsjaad (in Dutch), cad (in Croatian), and csad (in Hungarian). (in Community Dictionary, added by Lorenzo Nixon)
  • Paper scraps and bits, like the paper perforated edges for tractor feed printers. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • These scraps of paper or pieces of paper are called “paper bits”. (in AZ Dictionary)