89 vision means: It’s the vision that you get when your levels are high. This vision is 4x more than the 20/20 vision. (in Community Dictionary, added by RapisWonky)

What else does 89 vision mean?

  • “To seduce someone’s ass. Similar to the number 69. “. (in Community Dictionary, added by Chaim Pugh)
  • You will have a vision when you’re stoned. (in Community Dictionary, added by Simone Kaiser)
  • Stoned is the act of getting stoned. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kailyn Rice)
  • What’s the 89 Vision? The Sublime song “jailhouse”, which uses a borrowed lyric, is not in context. It has absolutely nothing to do about Bradley’s anal fetishes. I am referring specifically to Pure Anus’ song 89 Vision. Jailhouse “…89 Vision, We didn’t fuss …” also mentions it. This term is a reference to 1989 and KRS-One’s vision for non-violence within hip-hopthe black community. The 1987 album Criminal Minded, which he released with KRS-One is considered to be the first gangster hip hop album. However, his DJ Scott La Rock and the other half of BDP Scott La Rock were shot. A fight broke out at the concert, and a fan was shot to death. This incident permanently altered his view of hip-hop music. Kris Parker, aka The Blastmaster or the Teacher aka KRS-ONE started preaching against violence with the single Self Destruction in 1989. The ’89 Vision was thus born. Guess who that was? Just I.C.E…another Sublime influence. (in Community Dictionary, added by Paulina Lee)