79 means: A human’s average life expectancy is approximately ten years. (in Community Dictionary, added by MrmaikyImpugn)

What else does 79 mean?

  • Scoliosis Version Of 69. The New Shit with Hand Cuffs, So That I Heard. (in Community Dictionary, added by Matthias Wiley)
  • A girl who is unable to control her emotions towards a man. (in Community Dictionary, added by Stenopaeic)
  • The seventies are the best decade for sex. This position is similar to the ’69 but it was a decade later during the disco inferno that we refer to as the seventies. The woman lies on the top of her man, head to toe. This allows both to perform oral sex with the other’s genitals. To perform fellatio, make sure that the woman is standing on her head. One difference between the two is the fact that the lady sticks her fingers up to the man’s genitals while she performs oral sex. The reason for this is that disco, and its entire leisure suit glory, is now considered “kinda gay” many years later. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kirsten Todd)